Binary Options “Start”

5 Minutes Trading Forex StrategyToday we are going to talk about strategies based on indicators for binary options trading. As an example, we are offering to have a look at a 5 minute Forex trading strategy called “Start”.

When all trading ways, methods and solutions are exhausted but still don’t bring the so-desirable profit, it is the right time to change the trading way and try something new. 5 minute Forex trading strategy “Start” can be exactly the starting point to potential high incomes.

5 Minute Forex Trading Strategy

To start using this particular 5 minute Forex trading strategy, you will need to have MT4 platform which can be easily downloaded. Some traders wonder, why there is a need in this trading platform? The answer is very simple – all brokerage companies that offer great binary options trading conditions, have not very good platforms using which it becomes hard to make money. Meanwhile, the platform with unbelievable and exceptional instruments for quotations technical analysis and settings of the most necessary MT4 indicators is presented on the market by such broker as Grand Capital. But of course it doesn’t mean that you cannot use the services of any other broker.

Having chosen a broker, the next step would be to download all the indicators (Moving average, Fisher, DiNapoli, Rads Stoch), set them in platform and open a chart M5 or M15. The best currency pair for this 5 minute Forex trading strategy would be EUR/JPY.

Let’s Start Trading

From the one side you should have MT4 platform and from the other side your broker’s web-terminal. As soon as there is a signal to enter the market, do it without any hesitations. Signal for binary Put-option happens when:

  • the lines on DiNapoli indicator have crossed;
  • Fishes have made a red bar;
  • The lines on Rads Stoch indicator have crossed and gone beyond the limits;
  • Price candle has crossed moving down and closed;

As soon the candle closed and a new one opened – open a Put-option trade with an expiration of 5 minutes.

Before trading, test 5 minutes Forex trading strategy on history. Meaning that you should look at all places where you had to enter with binary option and where the price went. Perhaps, expirations on other instruments should be changed for 15 minutes or even 30 minutes. The most important thing is that in any case the strategy will be profitable. If you would like to use something different, try to test forex swing trading strategy.

Resume: Risk Management

During the first trade, enter with a little lot. If the trade turned out to be loss-making, then double it next time. In such a way, you will repair a loss, plus receive additional income.

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