Robot 60 Second Strategy

Binary Options Robot

You don’t get as much income as you wish and don’t know what trading strategies can help you?  – Then you definitely need to try binary options robot. It is a great way to increase your profits to its maximum thus making you a successful trader.

Basic / VIP Binary Option Robot

Binary options robot is an electronic program which can be set to perform any trading operations instead of you. The program has a very attractive and comfortable menu, plus it is very easy to manipulate it. A lot of traders are surprised with its simplicity and effectiveness at the same time. Usually this particular program is offered in 2 types: the first one is a basic version that is free whereas the second is a VIP version that has a range of additional functions comparing with the basic one.

The Process of Using

To start using binary options robot, you should make only 3 simple steps: to have a free registration, select a trusted and respectable broker and add funds to an account.


Profits of using binary options robot depend on the level of risks. The program also lets change the risks on the scale from green to red: the higher the risk is, the higher chances you have to receive profit from trades and vice versa. As practice demonstrates, an average profitability is 83%.

The Working Process

The proram uses five different indicators to receive signals yet you have an opportunity to opt for only 1. If using a few signals at the same time, they should react at the same time. Expiration times are limited and short-term starting from 60 seconds and finishing with 60 minutes including 5,10,15 and 30 minutes in  between. Most widely this software is used when using 60 seconds binary options strategy.

As soon as you select an asset, you are ready to set a trade, choose the expiration time and the program will do the rest of the job for you.


– as soon as a trader sets all the wished parameters for trading, the software becomes completely automatic;

– an average profitability after each trade is around 83%;

– the program is very simple for both beginners and advanced traders;

– binary options robot is suitable for Windows and Mac based computers, lap tops and any other smartphones and tablets;

Any of the above-mentioned pros is a serious and considerable reason to think over the usage of binary options robot. Moreover, when all of them are offered for free – it is just like a miracle.

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