BOSS Indicator

Binary Options IndicatorAnyone can trade in binary options; however there are a variety of different types of traders. Those who treat it as gambling and a bit of fun will almost certainly lose funds in the long term. Those who treat it as a serious investment opportunity will look to maximize their knowledge of the markets and locate the best times to trade. One established way of improving your trading options and success rate is to use one of the indicator tools available. Sadly there are few reliable ones. This makes the BOSS Indicator a new and exciting option for professional traders. It is designed exclusively for trades taking place in binary options and operates on the MT4 platform. It is for this reason it has been met with a great deal of enthusiasm.

MetaTrader is one of the most popular ways to trade in binary options; there are many different indicators which can be accessed through the site to help you trade. The fact that this software can be specifically mentioned by this site testifies as to how good and effective it is.

Creating the Best

As with many indicator software applications there are several algorithms working in the background. This software uses ones which can detect any pattern in the data and then predict the pattern going forward. To ensure the most accurate indicators are generated the designers used actual market data for the past five years. The sheer amount of data which can be accessed helps the program to create successful opportunities to trade. The program also benefits from neural network algorithms; this has been shown to be an extremely effective way to predict what the market will do in the future. This high level programming also ensures that every trader is using the most recent data every time; there is no discernable time lag.

It is not just the software that helps to make this the best possible signal creator on the market at the moment; the accuracy and results it has provided has convinced many traders of its potential.

Installing the Software

The creators of this product state that you should be able to install it in just two minutes. It is as easy as downloading the file and then copying it into your custom indicators folder on your MT4 platform. Once there you simply need to close your platform and reopen it; the software will activate automatically and be ready for use.

Once it is installed you will be able to access the custom setting s and establish your risk level you are comfortable with. To do this simply increase or decrease the probability levels; the higher they are the better your win rate but the lower the number of signals you will receive.

The indicator should be found on the top right of your platform and you will see a list of available time frames; these range from as low as one minute to as long as an hour. Once you have picked your time frame you can see all the possibilities for that period. If there are none the program will tell you; or if you do not like the look or feel of a specific signal you do not need to place the trade!

The system will advise you when a new signal has been generated; an audible beep should be heard; alternatively you can have a message sent to your phone. You can even set this to only notify you according to a specific probability level.

The software also helps you to track your progress. Every trade placed which is successful is logged with a tick next to it, unsuccessful ones have a cross. For a simpler option you can look at the counter which logs the number of successful and unsuccessful trades. A particularly useful feature allows you to set parameters and see what the results would have been if you had traded within the parameters. This can be a useful way of assessing whether a trading strategy will work or not.

Although it is designed to work on the major currency pairs, it is possible to use this software on up to ten pairs at any one time; four of these will need to be major repairs and the others will be minor. It is possible to use the software on different pairs at the same time.


There is a range of plug-ins which can be added to this software. These will help you to understand the events happening in the markets through the use of visual aids. There is even plug-ins which can show the usual high and low level of an asset; this will allow you to compare the actual market price and predict which direction it is likely to move in.

Whether an additional signal plug-in or an automated trading account, you will not need to establish any settings; the software will take care of everything for you! This product will provide you with a greater range of quality signals; this will help you to trade more successfully and improve your return on investment.

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