A commodity (commodity) – is common goods, such as oil, wheat, paper, flowers or manganese, which is sold most often in the form of futures on commodity exchanges.

Commodity market is the trading platform of certain goods with similar manufacturing or consumer attributes. As the perpetrators of the transaction it could act as investors and companies carrying out economic activities.

Commodity price index (an index of commodity prices) – a measure of a fixed price of selected products, which may be based on the spot or futures prices. It is designed to be representative of a broad class of commodity assets, or a particular set of goods such as energy or metals. It is an index that tracks a basket of goods for their evaluation. These codes are often traded on exchanges, allowing investors to gain easier access to the goods without specifying in the futures market. The value of these parameters varies depending on their primary commodities, and may be traded on the stock exchange in much the same way as stock index futures.

Commodity market – it is the market, which refers to the physical or virtual purchase and sale transactions involving raw materials or commodities. These products can be divided into two groups: soft, for example: wheat, coffee, cocoa, sugar, corn, soybeans or hard gold, rubber, oil. Also, products can be grouped together for the purposes of regulation in large classes, such as energy, agricultural livestock, precious metals, industrial metals. They are divided into about a hundred of basic raw materials (soybean oil, recycled steel). Investors will get around 50 basic raw materials around the world and they can make a deal more often with the help of virtual tools.

Commodity exchange is a permanent wholesale market of pure competition, which works according to certain rules. Commodity trading advisor (CTA) – is an individual or organization that remained in the fund or individual customers to provide advice and services related to trading in futures contracts or commodity options. They responsible for trade within the managed futures accounts. Determination of CEA can also be used for investment advisors, hedge funds and private funds, including mutual funds and ETFs in certain cases.

Call to action, as a rule, regulated by the Federal Government of the United States by registering on the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and the membership of National Futures Association (NFA).

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