Scapling, Marathon and 3 Candle

60 Seconds Options Trading Strategy And Analysis60 second binary options strategy is based on the same trading principles as the rest of the strategies. The only and main distinction is its expiration time – only 1 minute.

Binary options 60 seconds first appeared on the West yet nowadays this instrument of making money is very popular worldwide.

60 Second Options Advantages

– frequency of deals lets traders make 60 deals in just 1 hour;

– certain competition among brokers makes them offer traders very profitable conditions. Traders even have an opportunity to select volatility;

– binary options profitability and potential income. Money starts coming within 60 seconds;


60 second options are very suitable for scalping as it enables a trader to make many deals with an average profit yet with the time such strategy will lead to considerable gains.

To make this strategy really work, you will need to find market signals which demonstrate the dynamics of the trend. No matter if it is positive or negative – the main idea is stability. As soon as you find such signals, you will be capable of making deals in a row with only 1 minute interval.

The only minor risk here is that even if the dynamics is completely positive, you might still lose because of trend fluctuations that are always presented on the market. Yet in the majority of cases, having “caught the wave”, traders gain large profits. Always remember, according to scalping strategy, and swing trading strategies you will need to learn to feel the signals of the market and react as a consequence.


Binary options strategy Marathon is based on the principle that trend has a tendency to save and keep its average dynamics and not change its direction.

To make the strategy work, you will need such indicators as moving average and MACD. Moving average is needed to determine the real signals of the market because it is pretty hard to separate general market dynamics from constant fluctuations. Therefore it makes sense to make from 5 to 10 periods for short-term tracking of the dynamics.

MACD indicator is necessary for avoiding and reducing cons of moving average yet saving its pros. MACD offers traders different signals (increase / decrease of the price) about dynamics according to this or that asset.

All in all investing in binary options using Marathon strategy it is necessary to find the dynamics of the trend.

3 Candle

One more effective strategy for trading binary options 60 seconds is called “3 Candle”. Binary options buying with this particular strategy has a non-standard character and comes to the point of investing in binary options on the third candle after receiving signals from trading systems indicators.

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