How to become a professional trader?

Professional Trading on Binary OptionsIs a professional is extremely important for each merchant. The market offers many opportunities, one of the people who rush to the wealth oblivious to anything, they are often faced with difficulties, obstacles and eventually lose their money. There are many aspects that must be taken into account when we make decisions about our finances. We have gathered here some general advice that should help you make the right choices when you invest and trade.

Education – Professional traders always ,, live market “and a significant part of their day is devoted to education. They read about the market, gather information, read the analysis, prediction. Try to imitate them and learn as much as you can to better invest.

Broker – a good broker is an essential part of your success as a trader. Do not judge only by their brokers bonuses. There are many other factors that you need to consider – minimum contribution, payments, customer care, market alerts, support during the transaction, and education requirements for VIP account. If you do not know which broker to choose, I recommend Banc de Swiss. I can say about them good things. Whomever you choose, do not use the services of, because that fraudsters and steal your money.

Be active – Traders who are present on the market ,, “for at least an hour a day I make 3 or more operations per day, achieve more success. In his first two weeks aside the time to learn, watch different charts on the platform you choose and perform one operation (bid) daily. Be patient and locate a symptom that you should observe to make the right decision.

Select the appropriate assets – assets that you choose to trade them may be different as the Forex pairs, ie EUR / USD or stores like Facebook. Depending on where they are traded, they can have different hours of operation, so you have to choose such an asset, which is active when you want to perform operations. The main criterion in the selection of your assets should be his behavior. Select an asset, which is something you know. Optimal asset are those with predictable behavior.

Receive alerts permanently from the market – Binary Options are financial tools that take advantage of market behavior. Therefore, you need to be constantly informed about what is happening in the market and your the asset when you do the operation with more. We recommend you to be notified at least once a day for you to see a graph przedstawiająco level fluctuations of your assets for 5 minutes before logging in to your binary options platform.

Time – Choose the right time for operations. Time is important, because you should be able to act quickly in some situations, so leave short-term transactions as open strategy is problematic. Do your operations during the hours that you know that you will have access to your account. For new traders it is also associated with market volatility. New traders should not carry out operations when the market is experiencing fluctuations. Then they happen for both big profits, but by and large losses.

Leave emotion behind – Working with money is no place for emotions. Emotional decisions usually convert decisions in the game. Many young traders operate under the influence of emotions after the loss of the money I again put on another option to make up for those losses. However, the acceptance of loss and collecting before the next bet is the appropriate course of action. Follow this principle in its early and save a loss of one thousand US dollars (if invested about $ 1,000).

Strategy – act according to the strategy that suits you. A good strategy for you is one that fits your personality, to plan the day and objectives. Do not choose a strategy that involves the execution of your 20 operations a day, if you can devote to trade only an hour a day, do not choose one that makes invest half of your money if you are not prone to risk. And so on.

Do not fall in love in one strategy / the asset – The market is changing, and the same happens with the assets. And that is why one strategy fails to meet changing conditions. You must be dynamic and rational and always aware of market changes. When it is a significant change – the market or your stats, be careful and find out what changes you need to make in your fixed modes of action.

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