Mobile Forex

This short yet effective guide is devoted to the theme of a Mobile Forex, to be precise about ways and methods of trading when you are away from a usual PC (personal computer) thanks to mobile phones, smartphones and tablets. This is because nowadays all these opportunities in terms of Forex strategies and indicators (MACD trading strategies, stochastic trading strategy etc) is possible no matter where you are. The only thing you will need is an Internet access.

Let’s Start

If you carry a lap top or a tablet on Windows OS (operating system) with you everywhere, then the right solution will be to set a MetaTrader (same like on a PC at home). Yet now let’s have a look at platforms which are aimed at mobile operating systems as well as alternative mobile trading ways with the help of unattached devices. Trading is possible in the following three methods:

–          mobile platforms;

–          VPS-server;

–          Online service by virtue of a browser;

Mobile Platforms

The main idea of Forex mobile platform is to let a trader control his/her account from a usual mobile phone or any other mobile device. With its help, you will be capable of performing the following actions:

–          control opened positions and check closed ones;

–          make a basic market analysis based on a chart and more popular technical indicators;

–          read news about Forex market;

–          add funds or withdraw the money;

–          communicate with other traders in a special Forex chat;

This mobile trading platform has all build-in functions which are necessary for analysis and trading on the market as well as making statistics in line with the results of operations.

MateTrader 4 for iOS

No so long ago, MetaTrader 4 for iOS was released. Yet, it is still not fully and completely finished as it doesn’t have a version for iPad as well as lacks certain graphical analysis and other opportunities which are so important for trading. But it does have a chart (candles, bars, lines), indicators for macd trading strateies etc.

A very interesting fact is that MT4 is unified which means that there is no need to download a version for a selected broker because the program provides an opportunity to select any trading server. E.g traders have a chance to log in on a real account and start trading. Nevertheless, the program is still a little bit unfinished yet with already huge potential.

Online Clients

Many brokers enable traders to trade right from a browser. You just need to enter a special page, enter login and password and after that get an access to a protected connection to make trades, simple technical analysis etc.  All this is really effective if you are far from the computer but need to check/close positions from an Internet-café, friend’s computer etc. One more pro is the ability to enter from any mobile phone without setting special software.

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