Steps to success

Steps To Success on Binary OptionsDuring the course you practiced a demo account. The platform offered a virtual amount that can multiply or diminish depending on how you went. Demo accounts guarantee the exclusion of emotions that every day is accompanied by investors. Investor, played on a demo account? Can you open and close the transaction? You can freely move around the platform? Cool! Now for the real fun or trading on their own measures.

Motivation that is the first step to success

Nowadays we see increasingly higher percentage of people starting to diversify its investment portfolio, which is simply to seek additional sources of income with the help of binary options strategy. The reason may be eg .: doubt the financial institutions to guarantee us a decent retirement after 30 years of work, rising prices of medicines, food, living costs etc. The motivation to start investment and achieve better and better results can even be a desire to improve their living standard. If you agree with any of the above statements it means that you plan to start to actively turn its capital and achieve financial success. Waiting for you, so a lot of work, but be always in the memory of the destination to which are going, what you want to achieve, and thus how much satisfaction will accompany investments.

Decision-making, the implementation of the intended plan, discipline

Before we’ll give the market the first transaction we have to prepare well-tailored investment plan tailored to your position. In the world there are so many strategies how to invest, what the investors themselves. Each has a different amount of time, everyone has different obligations: rent, family dependents, credit which should pay off in time. Each investor in at different times of the day have the opportunity to sit down to the computer and analyze market developments.

Depending on what time of disposal, you can select the appropriate form of investment. You do not necessarily have to be a self-opening and closing of the transaction. If the sheer volume of cases Set aside just an hour a day, maybe a better idea to understanding the social commerce market. Brokerage XTB offers xSocial. This service allows you to copy trades of investors, who then have more and apply effective investment strategies on which they earn. Just select the person who plays according to our needs and click on the “Copy”. In this way you will still present on the market, can its experience and knowledge used in the selection of an effective investor or even be a provider of themselves, and share your transaction to other market participants.

Once you know at what time to analyze the market, you already know the form of their transactions, it should be clearly and clearly define in what instruments you invest. Specify the minimum and maximum volume of what you play. This will require adaptation of these values ​​to the size of the initial margin. After analyzing price data from previous days, months or years, it will be known at some periods it was worth it to come into position. These can be some macroeconomic events over which can be drawn about a clear upward or downward trend backed by a proven Candlestick Patterns.

After determining when you will make a transaction, how often, on what instruments, then remains the most difficult task. Stick to a specific plan and follow it as the Ten Commandments. A common phenomenon among investors is the phenomenon of reverse thinking: “Why I played in this data since it did not put my plan?”, “Why did not go in the transaction, while oscillators indicate a good time?”. There is a deviation from the intended investment plan, which can lead to failure. If something prove itself, let’s add it to our plan. If anything, after testing, it was a bad idea let’s drop it and let’s move on. Do not be afraid to modify the plan, but let us remember not to be subject to temporary fashion for some instrument, because of the media, we hear how much you can earn some money. Analizujmy new markets, new instruments. Nanieśmy them on our plan. Us make tests and if the result will be satisfactory this time for real investment.

Do not be afraid of mistakes. They are an integral part of the investment. But you must remember to quickly cut off the transaction lossy and focus on finding a method that largely will bring a positive result. After determining the plan and understanding their emotions, transactions and will make easier? Certainly yes, but that does not mean that you should rest on our laurels. During the investment, the investor is constantly accompanied by cunning, cunning and greed. If we follow the plan and we are doing it perfectly well, but beware of overconfidence. We constantly work on your development. There is no people niemylących, neither of which ten transactions have ten profitable. Zmniejszmy case to a minimum. Wykluczmy largely risk. Wait until eg. Four to five conditions of entry into the transaction will be reached. Then the chance of profit will be much greater. Investments, however, understood to involve risk. Where the risk is located, is also a chance for big earnings. What is the conclusion? Let us take chances. Risk also need to know how.

Drawing conclusions, analysis of the transactions

It is important to constantly carry out the analysis of their transactions, draw conclusions and answer the question whether they are the result of the case, whether observed was the method by which we played. During the trading Focus on nurturing good habits. Becoming better at what you do. You will see that after a few, maybe several months will be to cope with stress differently as it did at the beginning of the adventure with investing. I have already mentioned that undue rest on our laurels. This means is that even after a series of profitable trades analyze them. We have to be 100% sure that they were not the result of the case and can be used in the future.

At the end I will mention only that the persistence and consistency in activities can lead us to success. Specify a good plan and stick to it. Do not be locked up for a change. The market is constantly evolving. The methods of the 90s or the turn of the century may no longer be useful 20 years later. Planned your method of investing as much as you plan your development. Just as the business plan is to establish the final success of the company, the same business plan for investments will lead you to success in the stock market.

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